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Hockey Riots, June 2011

The Owner's Guide to B.C. Condominiums - 2010

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Are you thinking of moving out to BC to take advantage of the warmer winters and easy sea side living, or maybe investing in a condo out here? You should definitely take a read of Leo Biblitz's Owner's Guide to B.C. Condominiums - 2010 before you do anything.

Armed with this guide, I expect anyone making an offer on a condo in B.C., or else where for that matter, would get enough insider ideas as to where the real gaps are between the glossy sales literature and reality are likely to be, and therefore ask the right probing questions to whittle the asking price down significantly or else depending on the answers get clarity of vision and perhaps re think the condo buying strategy.

I know a lot of people can't avoid buying condos, so if you need to buy one then you definitely need to read what Leo Biblitz has to say on B.C.'s version of the condo selling game. It is instructive and I haven't seen anything nearly as good on this topic.

Telus Billing Problems Continue, March 2010

Having in the past blogged about my problems with Telus billing, I received the following email from a visitor from Cam in Abbotsford BC.

I cancelled my Telus ADSL internet account at least 5 years ago when I switch to SHAW. Last fall I got a modem/router in the mail. I called Telus and they said I had not cancelled the service. I assured them I had and asked what to do with the moden. They said they don't need it back. In Nov 2009 I switched my phone service to SHAW at considerable savings. In Feb I got a bill from Telus for 179.80 with no explanation. I got another bill a month later for 189.80 and then a collection notice. After nearly 20 minutes of waiting I got through to a Telus number and they told me they could not do anything but gave me 1-888-882-9246 to call. I talked to Amanda Winter who told me to return the modem at their costs and they would call off the collection agency once the had the TA # from the post office. I called back with the TA # and they indicated they would call off the dogs. Fortunately I still had the Modem. The same thing happened to our office. This appears to be an attempt to screw customers for leaving.

Never going back to Telus.

Thank-you for sharing Cam! And good work on avoid that little extra Telus billing!!

The Real 2010 Winter Olympics

Take Me Kangaroo Down?

Take Me Kangaroo Down Vancouver Style Vancouver Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Take your kangaroo down is the line the IOC is telling the Australian Olympic team.

Well, all I can say is that the IOC must have been pie-eyed all of the times they have driven through and around Vancouver -- they should have noticed that a larger percentage of buildings in the city are covered with blue, white and green tarps. The reason behind the tarps is of course the Kanninchenstalle (aka rabbit hutch) constructions the local BC Billies sell under the generic name Condos.

Obviously, the Australians were concerned about leaks in their accommodations, since the problem is an H1N1 style epidemic in Vancouver, so they took reasonable precautions. Tut Tut IOC!!

Go Australia go!!

BC Billy Language Alert

Barrier Free Housing: A vistor to Vancouver, the home of the BC Billies, might image that the term "barrier free housing" means lodgings that are easily accessable with any number of mobility devises. In Billy Land, however, that would be a bad assumption. In fact the local media have used barrier free to describe accommodations that the city of Vancouver is providing for the homeless. And it is barrier free because it doesn't restrict the usage of drugs on site. I.e. crack house.

For more wonderfully amusing BC Billy Stories, please visit B.C. Billy Dillies - Only on Canada's Wacky West Coast.

Outrage at British Columbia's handling of Robert Dziekanski's Death at the hands of 4 RCMP Officers at YVR October 14, 2007.

The four RCMP officers involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski at YVR on October 14, 2007 have never been charged with any crime. Rather, the RCMP have spent public funds to travel to Poland and interview Robert Dziekanski's friends in an apparent attempt to find some reason justifying the actions of the four RCMP officers.

[Outrage at British Columbia's handling of Robert Dziekanski's Death at the hands of 4 RCMP Officers at YVR]

Does the girl know how to party?

Whistler Blackcomb Section Closed for Avalanche Danger - but not to B.C. 'BILLIES

I've said it over and over again - I don't know why people don't believe or understand why the signs aren't for them," Doug Forseth, Whistler Blackcomb's senior vice-president of operations, said. To get to the area, the men would have had to crawl under wire cables and passed at least four signs, ...

[Whistler Blackcomb Section Closed for Avalanche Danger]

Just Having a Few Laughs

Leonard Biblitz and

Distant drumming of tin cups against the iron bars of the basement cage where the PokerPulse Roll & Shuffle editor Leonard (call him Leo to his face) Biblitz indicated that staff relations at PokerPulse were less than matey. In fact, they had begun to constrict like a viper , I'm sorry to say, squeezing the life out of us. In truth, things have not been the same since the tragic loss of our waggish American cousins. P.G. Wodehouse said it best with the title of his book, America, I Like You.

Consequently, after re-thinking the business model once again, we're pleased to report that our old Biblitz has burgeoned. Into the dating game, I'm afraid, the ultimate gamble for all concerned. Our Leo is now advising young turtledoves torn, alas, asunder when one or the other throws its weight about or threatens to. Nor does the thing end at turtle-doving. 'Anything at all,' he says, 'Ask me anything!'

I shouldn't wonder if the great media moguls don't consult in legion, an authority on everything, it seems, from strengthening cocktails to nuts of the first order.

If visitors happen to purchase the odd CD or film or, finding the old sporting blood roused, find themselves in the market for a flutter or two, well, who is Biblitz to restrict commerce. Keep it flowing is the Biblitz view.

It's hell, of course, on a physicist in Berkeley who shares the Biblitz moniker. He's been putting a fair bit of stick about, too, let me tell you, complaining in a most defamatory manner that the thing lacks dignity. Dignity, forsooth! How much dignity had the Manhattan Project, I retorted with a curled upper lip. What mustard! What crust! Jealousy, I shouldn't wonder, because he didn't think of it first himself. Pipped by another loathsome Leo, he must say to himself. Oh, well. Even the phsysicists must learn to take the rough with the smooth when Life dishes out a few of the best with the old lead pipe.

Taken a few yourself lately, have you? Oil on up to the ASK premises, ask Mabel to pour you a stiff one and tell old Leo what's troubling you. Imbibe the Biblitz wisdom freely. Registration fees, forsooth! Take it daily like a tonic. Add dudgeon if you must by blasting Biblitz. Do it now if you like. Dish the ungrateful old sinner a good one to the side of the head for PokerPulse!

Protecting Canada's Pristine Pacific Northwest Coast - B.C. 'BILLY-style (December 2007)

In British Columbia, pristine inlets are being turned into the aquatic equivalent of industrial feedlots with thousands of fish crammed into tiny floating pens... and in true B.C. 'BILLY-style, the good Billies of the land, surf in their own raw sewage. Can you believe it?

[Protecting Canada's Pristine Pacific Northwest Coast]

Who hates PE classes and the outdated, whistle-wielding militia still barking orders in B.C.'s public school gyms?

Who hates PE classes and the outdated, whistle-wielding militia still barking orders in B.C.'s public school gyms? LOTS of us, apparently, and now some lucky Vancouver high school students and their parents will get a chance to say so and give reasons. View the letter one parent sent researchers at UBC's School of Human Kinetics, who are gathering student narrative to help them come up with a better way of promoting long-term fitness in PE class and beyond. Happily, the project is NOT motivated by the obesity hysteria currently played up in the media despite yawning gaps in scientific evidence. More about the obesity myth, project and why we hope it succeeds.

[Read our letter campaign]

Education BC 'BILLY-style

In the past two years, 140 private schools, colleges, institutes and academies have closed, and 140 have been temporarily suspended more than half of the 500 private schools registered with the province. Else where in B.C. education, teachers get away with phone sex, tips to B.C. test questions.

[Still more on education BC 'BILLY-style]

Two kinds of Canuck justice

I couldn't help noticing the two tiers of justice operating today in Canada when we compared the results of an injunction in Ontario against First Nations protesters with another against B.C.'s most celebrated and successful environmental activist, Betty Krawczyck, a 78-year-old great-grandmother who drew worldwide attention in 1993 to B.C.'s pristine wilderness in Clayoquot Sound.

[Two kinds of Canuck justice]

Vancouver hatches plans for backyard chickens

In March 2009, the City of Vancouver has moved one step closer to allowing urban chicken coops in residential backyards. Councillors voted unanimously to direct staff to study the issue and draft a bylaw amendment. City staff will take a few months to look at issues.

[Vancouver hatches plans for backyard chickens]

What makes 'em B.C. 'BILLIES - Drugs or more easily solved mental illness?

BOTH, according to a terrifying report released February, 2008 by Vancouver Police which reveals that about a third of local police calls are made in response to incidents involving the mentally ill.

[Vancouver Police spend about a third of local police calls are made in response to incidents involving the mentally ill]